Sunday, 17 June 2012

public transport essay for bel311

Public transport also known as public transit or mass transit is a shared passenger  transportation service which is available for use by the general public. Public transportation  include buses, trains, rapid transit like commuter and ferries. Most public transport runs to a scheduled timetable with the most frequent services running to headway. Nowadays, usually peoples using their cars or motorcycles to go here and there. Although, they all know there are many advantages by using public transport such as can reduce air pollution, can avoid traffic jammed.
The people should use public transportation when entering the city because they can reduce the traffic congestion in the city. The people must think that if they use their own car rather than the public transport in the city, the number of vehicle in the city will increase and it will result the traffic congestion. The people could help to reduce traffic congestion if they use the public transportation in the city. The traffic will run smoothly without any problem such as an accident that would make the people stress and start their day with a
People who use the public transport when entering the city will become a person who can manage their time wisely. The main reason for the people who does not use the public transport because their schedule is not the same with the public transport schedule.  They can plan their schedule similar to public transport schedule, so they follow their schedule without any worries and they will also become a discipline person because of the schedule.
Finally, the people should use public transport when entering the city because they can save their money. When they use public transport as their first choice, the expenses in the terms of fuel expenses and toll expenses can be avoided. They do not have to pay for any oil and toll expenses but only for the transport fare and the fare is much cheaper than the expenses. It  is worth it if they choose public transport as their first choice even though they might feel a bit comfortable.
Some people may disagree with the idea that people can reduce traffic congestion because the congestion can’t be avoided in the city. However, if the number of car in the city decrease because they use the public transport, automatically they can reduce the traffic congestion and it didn’t cause any problem to the people. Some people may even say that their schedule is not the same with public transportation schedule. It is not the problem because they can reschedule and learn how to manage their time. It is not a loss because they will become a person who can manage their time wisely.
All in all, people should use public transportation especially when entering the city. This is because to reduce the traffic congestion, become a person who can manage their time wisely and save their money. But, there are still have many solutions to against the negative things. However, it falls upon the peoples to choose which the best are for them and other people whether using own vehicles or public transport. The choice is in your hand and it is up to people whether  they want to use public transport  or not.

reality show essay for bel311

Reality shows play a significant role in television broadcasting benefiting the producers, sponsors, advertisers and anyone who has a stake in the making of it. Reality shows are degrading the society, individuals and ironically, these reality shows are far different from true reality. Reality programs have taken a major part in the affect on civilization and its influence on Malaysian popular culture. Although reality TV shows have acquired great demand among audiences in the origins of ‘70s, it has led to a decrease in social value which has a downbeat impact on the society as a whole.  So there are many disadvantages of reality shows such as the decreases in social value, the students are not focus on their studies and it can influenced the people.

              Firstly, the disadvantages of reality shows is it will make the community decreasing in social value. The reality shows will watched by millions people. The content of television shows will be spread to viewer such as the way they use attire, how they communicate to other gender which forbidden in Islam and etc. By watching the reality shows, it will decrease in social value.

              Second, the students are not focus on their studies if the they too much spend their  time to watch the reality television. Students will not have time to do their work if every time the television produce reality shows to attract people to watch the television.It will lead to the people become a lazy person and spent so much time just in front of the television.

              Lastly, the disadvantages of reality  shows is it can influenced the people especially teenagers in a bad way. Nowdays, teenager can easily influenced by the thing around them especially from what they watch in the television. For example, when the celebrities wore the outfit that indecent, they intend to follow them because the teenagers see the celebrities as their icon. They see those thing as a trend but they didn’t realize that is against from our culture

               Everything have the benefit and so do the reality shows. For the company that produce the reality show, they will get the profit from the show and it will make the other company will follow the steps and they can compete in a good way. Reality shows also can improve our music industry in terms of singer or actor because there are many celebrity were born from the reality shows. For example, reality shows title “Akademi Fantasia” has produce many talented singer such as Stacy and Hafiz.

               Reality show certainly do more harm than good to the because it will make the community decreasing in social value, the students are not focus on their studies and it canit can influenced the people  . However, reality show also have the benefit especially for the person who produce the show and also for our music industry.