Friday, 13 May 2011

babyboy birthday celebration

About birthday celebration, it was really enjoyable actually, my friends not used floor or egg to celebrate my birthday cuz i don't like that way of celebration.So to get the feel of birthday celebration, we hang up together at JAYA JUSCO and i treat them pizza hut and they bought cake,chicken XXL and cheese tart. That day was really enjoyable and a bit pathetic cuz we shared everything since we cant to see each other for 3 month because of studies.I hope our relationship will lasting forever. My birthday is 4.5.1992. That date was really miracle cuz that day is my born day.
And to all my friends thanks a lot for all wishes...I hope ALLAH will approved all the prayed.
**My new determination for this year is want to get
Dean List for all semester...insyaALLAH,

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