Tuesday, 10 May 2011

digi WWWoW awards

As Malaysians, we are all a very connected bunch. In a recent set of statistics, it was found that Malaysians had the most Facebook friends on average in the world. We also spend a record amount of time online among other internet connected countries.

In a tribute to all the ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things online, DiGi, along with influencers such as ASTRO, Era.fm, Hitz.fm, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Mudah.my, Nuffnang, Malaysian Airlines, Flickr, Karangkraf & the MDA have come up with the WWWoW Awards.

DiGi WWWOW Awards is the first people’s choice Internet awards for Malaysians by Malaysians to pay tribute to ordinary Malaysians who are doing extraordinary things online – from publishing their own opinions, producing their own TV shows, starting new businesses, or mobilizing the power of the Internet for good cause. 

With up to 16 categories up for grabs, you can squeeze your way to winning.. WAIT FOR IT, a snazzy DiGi WWWOW Awards trophy and prizes up to RM5000!

Now, c'mon, be generous and start sharing the awesome DiGi WWWOW Awards this instant!

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